BBB x Solly Baby


"I used both of my children as inspiration for the design. I chose a small triangle that symbolizes myself and my two children, Ryan and Mila; the three of us wrapped together. I love the random placement of the shape against the gorgeous neutral grey. I wanted to keep the new look simple so you always reach for it. Soon, it will become your favorite accessory. Some days it will keep you afloat as it lulls your baby to sleep." - Jacqui Saldana, Baby Boy Bakery founder and Solly Baby designer.


+ The base is a solid grey with white printed triangles.

+ 100% Certified Lenzing Modal, sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees

+ Made in USA

+ See how easy it is to use here!

+ FREE U.S. Priority Shipping / $10 Flat Rate Shipping International

+ Designed for the first year/up to 25 pounds.

+ One size for a custom fit every time. More FAQs here