Baby Swaddles

Ease your little one into the sweetest dreams with a cozy, breathable swaddle. The next best thing to the warmth and comfort of the womb, your newborn will feel right at home, wherever they are. Increase essential sleep for both mom and baby during morning rests, afternoon catnaps, or midnight slumbers. With our 100% certified Lenzing Modal fabric, Solly Baby swaddles are like a big embrace. Swaddle to reduce the moro reflex, or startle reflex, help soothe a colicky infant, maintain optimal body temperature and alleviate worries over hip placement. Our hip-healthy certified swaddles are knit and sewn in the USA to maintain the highest quality. Mimic the closeness of your touch with the buttery-soft fabric and fit the snugness to their comfort with the adaptable stretch and generous size of our swaddles. More than blankets, Solly Baby swaddles provide the care baby needs, and the help parents do.