Peachy Keen: Peachy-pink + brown undertones with small, cream rainbows

Designed by Amanda Jane Jones for Solly Baby. 10% of proceeds benefiting The Humble Village.

Since starting Solly Baby I’ve read your stories of tragedy, sorrow, disappointment, joy, excitement, fear, worry, and so. much. hope. as you await and then wear your rainbow babies. We have brainstormed as a team for years to find a way to honor your journeys and these special babies.

When good friend and former Solly Baby designer, Amanda Jane Jones, announced she was pregnant with her own rainbow baby, it all came together. We asked her to design this limited edition rainbow print that is a part of our first installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Wrap campaign where we will be sharing your rainbow stories and donating 10% of our proceeds to build our Solly Baby “Ochoch” Mother’s Center in Guatemala, and in turn sharing strength to those are still waiting for their rainbow baby.

You can join our campaign simply by sharing your story on Instagram using our #SollyRainbowBaby hashtag OR to be featured in our campaign:

1/ get your Rainbow Wrap
2/ take a photo wearing your baby in the wrap
3/ share your story using #SollyRainbowBaby and tagging @sollybaby on Instagram


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Helps Reduce Postpartum Depression
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Promotes Bonding
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UP TO 25 pounds