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Acorn Sleeper for Sollyween

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Whether you use it as the sweetest base for babe’s Honey Bear costume or a fetching foundation for your little Puppy, our Acorn Sleeper is a wardrobe staple for Sollyween and beyond. Versatile, breathable, and buttery-soft, it features footed bottoms + foldover mittens* to keep petite paws cozy.

*Size 0-3 months has optional hand covers. Sizes 0-3 and 3-6 months are footed.

What You’ll Need for Honey Bear:
+ Honey Bear Briar Bonnet
+ Bramble Wrap
+ Acorn Sleeper

What You’ll Need for Puppy:
+ Puppy Briar Bonnet
+ Thimble Wrap
+ Acorn Sleeper

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No Hassle
High waist to wear above the umbilical stump
Easy wide neck
Lightweight & silky soft
Ideal comfort and style for going home outfit
Worry-free returns